Business Activity Statement (BAS) Services

Assess your business activities. Identify relevant financial transactions. Collaborate with you to fulfill your BAS requirements.

Why choose Ideas Group

Prepare your Business Activity Statement (BAS) with ease and peace of mind

Our team of experienced tax professionals are well-versed in company tax laws, deductions, and credits. We specialise in business tax advisory for car dealerships, property developers, builders, medical practices, legal practices, IT providers, hospitalities, retailers and wholesalers

Preparation and lodgement of monthly, quarterly, or annual BAS

Compliance and peace of mind

GST compliance and reporting

Stay on top of your obligations with our comprehensive GST reporting solutions.

PAYG compliance and reporting

Stay compliant with PAYG regulations.

Tax credit identification and assistance

Identifying eligible deductions with our comprehensive tax credit services.

Deduction maximisation strategies

Paying tax is a duty. Paying more is not. 

Record-keeping and documentation support

Ticketed system. 100% response rate for every client interaction.

Clear and upfront pricing

Unlock tax advantages and find peace of mind with our BAS services tailored to your business’s specific needs. Experience personalized attention, expert guidance, and unwavering support from our team of professionals committed to your financial success.

"Efficient BAS management is crucial for your business's financial health and compliance." - Panbo Ye

Meet Panbo Ye | FCPA SSA CFP, Partner

Ideas Group Process

We value efficiency, transparency and personalisation.


Contact us to discuss your business's requirements and objectives.


We create a tailored plan to ensure accurate BAS preparation, compliance, and maximize your tax benefits.


We regularly review your BAS submissions, identify opportunities for improvement, and provide ongoing support for your compliance needs.


Share Insights and opportunities

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