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Choose with confidence. 74% of our clients who have embraced our confident investment approach express a sense of assurance in their ability to convert these costs into tangible returns. Use our calculator to make sure you have the best rate.

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  • Experience the power of real-time finance with Finance Ideas! We will show you the interest rates and the lenders’ names at the end of this exercise. 
  • Our calculator will not result in credit checks or changes to your credit file. You can explore your options worry-free without any impact on your credit score.
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Mortgage Broking Solutions Provided By Professionals

We help you discover the ideal mortgage solution. By analysing your requirements, exploring a range of options, and providing steadfast support throughout the process, we assist you in finding the perfect mortgage solution tailored to your needs.

Home Loan Consultation

We partner with banks to provide you with the best option and the best possible rate. Invest with confidence.

Application Assistance

Receive professional support and guidance in navigating the process of home loan application. 

Loan Refinancing

Refinance with confidence. Discover options to save money and improve the loan terms.

Debt Consolidation

Simplify repayment. Find the best possible option and potentially lower your interest rates. 

Investment Property Financing Guidance

Receive professional support and guidance in financing and securing investment properties. 

First Home Buyer Assistance

Benefit from specific government incentives and programs aimed at assisting first home buyers in entering the housing market.

We find you the best possible rate.

With expertise in financial planning, accounting, and mortgage broking, we consider your taxes and overall financial well-being. Trust us to guide you through loans and other financial aspects with transparency and no hidden costs.


"Don't wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait."
- Will Rogers

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Ideas Group Process

We value efficiency, transparency and personalisation.


Get in touch with us. We will provide an estimated borrowing capacity and suggest lenders based on your background and goal.


Submit your application. We explain the policies and required documents to you and submit your application to the lender.


Settlement and post-settlement support. We will guide you through the whole progress after your application is approved and provde financial advice after settlement.


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